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Have you lost a training manual? Would you like to prepare early for a seminar? All the manuals used in the Kelly seminars are here for purchase.

Listen to lessons on CD that teach you how to sell more effectively.




Currently educating the Automobile and RV Industries. Our e-Seminars will allow you to increase your productivity by learning the latest in F&I from your home or office computer.

Set S * M * A * R * T goals with our goal cards. Easy to use. Easy to reference. Choose from: Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Business Manager (F&I), or Team Leader. Each set contains 12 cards to help you meet a year's worth of goals.



  Kelly Enterprises'e-Tracking Service is a powerful and convenient way of tracking individual and organization productivity. Each month we compile your sales data and return a detailed analysis of your productivity. Kelly has analysis products for individuals, dealerships and F & I 20 Groups.

Kelly Enterprises’ state-of-the-art training helps the Sales Business Office become the office that increases customer satisfaction, customer retention, and dealership income.

F&I Seminars

  Kelly Enterprises  P. O. Box 821665 Vancouver, WA 98682
Corporate Office Ph: (800) 336-4275 Fax: (800) 980-9420

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