F&I 20 Groups

Why are they needed?

F&I 20 groups provide a forum for professional financial center managers to share best practices, keep up-to-date on rules and regulations, research new products and services, locate new non-prime lenders, explore alternatives that ease the loan approval process, exercise presentation skills, learn the best pathway to full disclosure, and much more. A monthly composite allows participants to view and compare their true F&I production numbers with up to 19 peers, which provides a constant competitive measuring tool and continuous opportunity for growth.

How is a group formed?

A group consists of 16-20 dealerships from non-competing market areas. Each F&I manager sees the same volume of loans and about the same number of deals on an annual or monthly basis. New members must be voted into existing groups.

How do the groups operate?

Moderated groups of up to 20 auto, RV or marine F& I managers from non-competing dealerships convene in monthly conference calls and semi-annual face-to-face, off-site meetings to share best practices that improve profitability for each dealership member.
One dealership membership can include up to 3 participants per rooftop for the e-Tracking service, with one manager serving as primary participant in the monthly conference calls. Dealership participants can compare monthly productivity among themselves as well as with other dealerships in their 20 group.

Each monthly conference call is recorded. Each call participant receives a copy of the recording by mail to share with other business managers and dealership management.

If you are familiar with Kelly seminars, you know they are a fact-filled, sound training investment. Likewise, Kelly F&I 20 groups offer a great way to communicate and learn from other dealers without giving away your competitive advantage. Join a Kelly F&I 20 group and help your dealership improve its position without wasting precious time and resources trying to recreate what already works!

What does it cost to join?

Each dealership location pays an initial set-up fee and monthly dues thereafter. Group members share equally the cost of face-to-face meeting expenses. Individual dealerships pay travel and hotel expenses for their managers who attend the meetings.

Will Auto, RV, and Marine managers be in the same group?

Auto, RV and marine groups are different. The challenges each industry faces are somewhat unique and require separate attention in the conference call and meeting time allocated.

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