Kelly’s Korner: Number of Products to Present

Kelly’s Korner: Number of Products to Present

Q. How many products can the sales business manager present effectively?
Not wanting to overload the department – Midwest Dealer

A. Some dealerships allow the sales business managers to present a full line of accessories. The products presented depend on the direction the dealer wants to take.

The intangible protection packages, which include parts and labor agreement, credit insurance, and environmental protection, are sales business office staples. They can be consistently introduced in a value-added presentation, not step selling.

Lenders should view these products as a plus. If, however, the lenders do not allow the protection policies in the funding, you may want to consider some accessories, which are located in the used guide schedule.

Q. Who is the best person in the dealership to “fill-in” for the F&I manager?
Medium-size dealership

A. If you ask the office personnel, they often view the F&I function as an interruption to their normal duties. The presentation may suffer as a result. The natural fill-in person is the sales manager who already has the sales skills and is familiar with the paperwork and the lenders. Cross-train the sales manager with the sales business manager to make sure you have an adequate substitute in an emergency situation.