Q: How do I know your training is worth my investment?
A: We prove it with a complimentary e-Tracking for 90 days after completion of our F & I training. All other courses offer specific pre/post training evaluation to document increased productivity and profitability.

Q: How can I schedule training at my location?
A: We schedule on-site training by request. To receive more information about on-site options, please call us to talk about your team’s specific training needs.

Q: Who takes care of the dealership if my sales team is in on-site training?
A: We will train your staff in split, half-day sessions, allowing your dealership’s day-to-day functions to continue during the training period.

Q: Is the JLKelly.com store only for clients?
A: You do not have to be a training client to purchase our products. The store is a great way to sample what our training offers!

Q: Do you demonstrate how to sell specific products?
A: No! Our courses will give you industry knowledge and teach you the process of selling, applicable to any product you offer.

Q: C’mon, isn’t Kelly Training like every other sales seminar? I should pack my golf clubs and dancing shoes, right?
A: You will be in class for 10 hours a day, and have homework. We earn our money by teaching you the tools you need in an intensive format, leaving little time to walk the greens or cut a rug.

Q: Where can I learn more about Jan Kelly’s work and credentials?
A: Click Here to review Jan’s bio and check out her speeches and publications.