Stretching Your Educational Dollars

Stretching Your Educational Dollars

How does a dealership get the most out of the limited dollars that are allocated to education within the dealership? The answer lies in using available technology.

Materials are available on the Internet

Many dealerships have computers and telephones at every workstation. These are the basic tools required to participate in Web seminars. There is also a time investment, usually 30-60 minutes a session. Most Web-seminars are held early in the morning when the dealership is quiet. The handouts are emailed with the meeting confirmation and need to be downloaded and printed prior to the educational session.

Beyond seminars – make personal contact

The participant(s) can communicate with the presenter via a text box and they can always email questions to the presenter ahead of time. If they have questions after the educational seminar then the participant can email the questions to the presenter.

Preparation and focus are essential

The sessions are topic specific and fast paced. The participants should have an idea of what they want to come away with from the 30-60 minutes session, and they should communicate it to the presenter ahead of time. As with any technology the computer must have certain software loaded and ready to go. QuickTime and Java are a must. Read all the instructions and test out the software ahead of time so you get the most from the experience.

Make up your mind to use the Web

The future of education is the Web; there is no travel and you can choose the topics you need. The time is now to gear up to shore up your dealership’s skill set. Online education is just a click away!, January 9th, 2009