Training for the Dealership Financial Center Professional

Fast paced and packed with information, this 3-day course covers everything you need to know to be a successful dealership financial center representative. You’ll learn how and when to greet the customer, the benefits of all the F&I products, how to work with credit reports and lenders, and steps to avoid legal problems. No matter what your experience level, you will gain invaluable tips and techniques to help you keep 100% of the profits and gain control of your deals.

Financial Center (F&I) Career Development Seminar

  • The 12 steps to a successful F&I process
  • Non-confrontational interviews
  • Feature-Advantage-Benefit presentations that add value
  • Product underwriting guidelines
  • Turning customer concerns into sales opportunities
  • Closing with a Menu
  • Conversion techniques for dealer controlled financing
  • Leasing logistics
  • Profiling customer personalities
  • The 7 C’s of “Credit – ability”
  • Utilizing credit bureau reports
  • Working effectively with lenders
  • Prime and non-prime lending strategies
  • Techniques to repair credit
  • Calculating refunds
  • Deal documentation
  • Complying with federal regulations
  • Tracking contract through funding
  • Setting smart goals and e-Tracking results

Audio-video drill and rehearse segments reinforce training principles and allow participants to practice new skills in a supportive environment.

We encourage dealership management to participate with their financial representatives.

Q: We have 9 F&I managers. Can this training be done at my dealership?

A: Yes, we can customize F&I training and deliver split-shift sessions at your location, allowing the dealership to do business as usual while ensuring all F&I managers receive the same high quality training. Email for details.

Enrollees in Northwood University’s college program may receive credit toward Northwood’s Automotive Marketing 455 course upon the successful completion of this Kelly Enterprises three-day seminar.

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