Training Focused on the Lender’s Role in the Finance Process

Sick of the same old grind? Having trouble selling turndowns? Finding it hard to build and sustain dealer relationships?

If you are a lender looking to expand your indirect loan portfolio, Kelly Enterprises’ lender training is right on the money! Whether you are a new or seasoned lender, this 2-day seminar experience will give you an insider’s view of the dealership business to put you ahead of the competition.

The Lender and the Financial Process

  • Recognize the profit potential F&I personnel bring to the business
  • Learn sales strategies to keep you on pace in the dealer marketplace
  • Identify personality types and apply the selling techniques that fit each style
  • Discover the questions and concerns that typify consumer “hot buttons”
  • Foster relationships throughout the dealership to make you the lender of choice
  • Show your dealer network how to implement financial best practices that increase profits for all concerned

How do you “rate” with dealers?
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